There are often multiple modalities performed within a massage session at Fern and Thistle Massage. Each massage is unique and tailored to each client. Sessions may include any variation of deep tissue, deep swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cupping, and manual lymphatic drainage.

While most people are familiar with swedish and deep tissue massage, cupping and manual lymphatic drainage requires explanation. Cupping is an eastern modality. When placed on an are where there is pain, discomfort, or stagnant energy, the cups create a vacuum, drawing any excess heat or blood or energy to the surface. It is said that 10 minutes of cupping is worth an hour of deep tissue work. Cupping is deeply therapeutic and is offered during your massage session if it is found helpful. 

Manual lymphatic drainage is a medically minded modality that focuses on expediting the flow and filtration of lymph toward the appropriate lymph node tributary areas of the body. Because most of our lymphatic system lies just under the dermis, this is a light touch modality. Manual lymphatic drainage is exceptionally beneficial for those who: have a compromised lymphatic system (ie. have had lymph nodes removed or have a history of lymphedema), would like assistance in detoxing the body, are pre or post surgery, have suffered injuries, and could use a hand with the immune system. ** Please note: I work out of the second floor of an old building that does not have an elevator. Please do not book of stairs pose a challenge, or if you have difficulty lying on a massage table. For post-surgical patients, please allow at least two weeks post-surgery to book. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Clients of Fern and Thistle Massage not only receive an exceptional massage, but are also engaged in an experience of being tended to with fine detail. Every session comes with a complimentary herbal facial steamer with added essential oils. This steamer consists of lemon grass, cinnamon, ginger, patchouli, mint, and other herbs to waken the sinuses and lungs. *** Please note, this service is temporarily suspended during the pandemic.***

The oil used is an ayervedic oil called Mahanarayan - an ancient anti-inflammatory oil containing herbs like turmeric, clove, licorice, ashwaganda, and other deeply healing herbs. Using this oil is traditionally considered a stand alone treatment, however it is complimentary with each session at Fern and Thistle Massage.

In a world so cluttered with noise, a massage with Fern and Thistle Massage gives respite from the racket. Rather than music, the room is filled with a humming white noise which gives the mind time to settle and the body greater ability to accept the therapy being given. 

Rather than the standard table warmer, the massage table at Fern and Thistle Massage is warmed with jade discs that serve as the heat conduit. Using the jade mat helps to eliminate negative EMF influences in our bodies and allows our bodies vital systems to be supported and better cared for.