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Business Ethos

When we take a look at the wealth distribution trends that have taken place for the past few decades in our country, we find income inequality increases where the rich have gotten richer, and the poor have gotten poorer. There are varied reasons for this, but it is also painfully clear that capitalism has lost it's moral compass.

At Fern and Thistle Massage, we believe that the majority of business profits belong to the businesses greatest asset - the employees. 

We recognize when a business appropriately compensates their staff, their staff are more likely to reach the top of Maslow's Pyramid of Hierarchical Needs. 

^^This is the goal at Fern and Thistle Massage.^^

To be transparent, most massage and spa businesses out there compensate their therapists at 35%-45%. While 50% of a service fee going toward the therapist is considered highly generous according to today's standard, Fern and Thistle Massage has raised the bar to 60%.

While most (nearly all) massage and spa businesses do not compensate for gap-time not scheduled between appointments, Fern and Thistle Massage has raised by the bar by paying $20 an hour in gap-pay.

Fern and Thistle Massage also supports therapists through avenues such as funding continuing education, stipends for healthcare, childcare, or student-loan repayment, and access to massage care for themselves. While the goal is to have talented therapists on board that want to stay with us forever, we also provide mentorship for those wanting to transition into private practice.

Only your support makes actualizing these goals possible. Thank you for supporting this vision for a new economy.
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