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Our Products

Receiving a massage at Fern and Thistle Massage also means you will receive deep healing from the oils we use. 

At Fern and Thistle Massage, we believe that healing comes from every facet of our session together. This is why we exclusively use Ayurvedic oils from our favorite B-Corp and organic supplier, Banyan Botanicals. The oils we use are  their Mahanarayan - a potent, ancient, anti-inflammatory oil containing herbs like turmeric, clove, licorice, ashwaganda, ginger, and other deeply healing herbs; and Ashwaghanda Bala - a simple yet powerful oil containing only sesame oil, ashwaghanda, and Bala - used as a restorative oil .

Using these oils is traditionally considered a stand alone treatment, however it is common practice with each session at Fern and Thistle Massage.


Self-care at home

We offer various therapeutic goods for sale in-house including our favorite Banyan Botanical products, cork rollers, cork p-nuts (occipital rollers), and heat wraps for you to enjoy as part of your at-home care routine.

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