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Hello friend! It is wonderful to see that you have chosen today to be the day you prioritize yourself or someone you care about.

When you choose a session at F&TM, you are saying YES to so much more than your basic massage. 

You are saying yes to high quality care, where we address your top concerns, but also tune into other facets of the bigger picture that may be contributing to your concerns.

You are saying yes to a team that brings different modalities to the table, so you can more effectively reach your goals - whether they are short-term or maintenance based.

You are saying yes to an independent, local, women-owned business.

You are saying yes to a raised-bar on how much therapists are compensated for their work.

You are saying yes to a business that uses the highest quality therapeutic oils.


And last but certainly not least, you are saying yes to receiving care and balance in this unbalanced world we live in.

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